Orientability of high-dimensional manifolds with odd Euler characteristic

Renee Hoekzema (2020), arXiv preprint 2007.05451.
Mathematica notebook to expand the Cartan formula
Mathematica notebook computing the additive cohomology of the first Rosenfeld plane
List of relations between all monomials in the cohomology of the second Rosenfeld plane
Mathematica notebook computing Steenrod operations on the cohomology of the Second Rosenfeld plane

Cut and paste invariants of manifolds via algebraic K-theory

Renee Hoekzema, Mona Merling, Laura Murray, Carmen Rovi, Julia Semikina (2020), arXiv preprint 2001.00176.

Manifolds with odd Euler characteristic and higher orientability

Renee S. Hoekzema, International Mathematics Research Notices (2018), also available on arXiv:1704.06607.

Algebraic Topology of Manifolds - Higher orientability and spaces of nested manifolds

Renee S. Hoekzema, PhD Thesis (2018).

Homotopy type of the space of nested manifolds

Renee S. Hoekzema, in preparation.


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October 27th, 2016